Anarchism and Indigenous Resistance. Rock Music as the Vehicule. Truism as the way to think.

Passive acceptance is a daily suicide

From the dominant nations to the third world countries, from the big rich cities to the Native American Reservations, from the ethnic cleansing to the war against the poor, it is now obvious that in this world of imposed ignorance, reacting will become an act of survival.


Jean Michel Wizenne - Vocals.Guitar.Flute
David Jacob - Bass
Romain Chenard - Drums

ITV and Live Feb 12/2016

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Medicine Groove trio official is glad to announce his partnership with "La Grosse Radio" and thanks again Frank Mallis for his support in this adventure.
Hoka He !

Medicine Groove Trio - (Anarchist Rock)

TV Blues Garage, Mur de Bretagne

Soirée spéciale Rock Contestataire et couleurs Amerindiennes

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